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$108.00 per quarter or $378.00 per year.

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1. Morning Headlines and Hotlines provides agricultural commentary as well as overnight news pertinent to the markets and trading advice for the day. Updated by 8:30 a.m. View Sample
2. Afternoon Market Review presents opinionated agricultural commentary and market analysis. Updated by 3:30 p.m. View Sample
3. Mid Day Alerts
Market Changes, don't worry, we've got you covered. If the market changes during the day we will send out timely market updates to keep you informed on the ever changing markets.

Coming to you from the nation's Heartland, the CommStock Report is backed by over 30 years of commodity market research and analysis experience. Different than some market subscription services, the CommStock Report provides updated market information twice each market day, and sometimes three times daily depending on the day's market condition. We also offer access to our in house commodity brokers should subscribers have questions about the market recommendations or comments that are distributed via the CommStock Report.

Market Fresh Agricultural News Scan with Market Recommendations
The CommStock Report provides fresh market information each day with primary focus on grains, livestock and outside market recommendations. Each morning by 8:30 CST, the morning segment is updated with snippets of news that are pertinent to agriculture or our global economy. Many subscribers have found this to be a quick way to "scan the media" and find out what is affecting the macro-climate of world economics down to the micro-climate of local markets. These snippets of news are coupled with market recommendations for both the hedger and speculative trader and include pre-opening comments on livestock, grains and the general economy. Cash, futures and option strategies are some of the tools utilized in these recommendations.
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Afternoon Market Review Includes Hard-Hitting Commentary with Today's Trade Positions
At the close of each market day, the CommStock Report is updated with analysis that explains the day's market movement, provides both short and long term market outlooks and frequently includes hard-hitting opinionated commentary that provides an advocacy forum for the concerns facing rural America - everything from COOL to Mandatory Price Reporting to the next Farm Bill to the affect of today's political climate on agriculture. . .and everything in between. David Kruse, author of The CommStock Report, has been referred to as the "Mark Twain of the Plains," for his colorful, thought provoking writing style.
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Market Updates: Mid Day Alerts Keeps You Abreast of Market Changes
Depending on the day's market activity, we recognize it is sometimes necessary to provide mid-morning or noon market updates to our subscribers. This is done on an irregular basis, dependent only on changes in market conditions that may have taken place since our morning recommendations were distributed. These updates are all included in the modest subscription price paid for The CommStock Report.
  What Makes the CommStock Report different or better than other commodity Newsletters?
There are several striking differences between the CommStock Report and other market advisories available.
  • All of our information is fresh…..updated twice and sometimes three times each market day.
  • A subscription to The CommStock Report gives you access to our reports via our password protected website. This means you can access the market information you want and need from anywhere you are in the world at a time that is convenient for you. You also can choose to receive the report directly to "your in-box" by e-mail twice daily. You get two delivery mechanisms for one price.
  • The CommStock Report offers subscribers access to archived reports, so if you missed a report or wish to print off a favorite, you can do so.
  • A toll free number is provided so that subscribers can contact our CommStock Investment brokers to get more information on market information or recommendations that are presented.
  • We live and work in the Heartland. Everyone at CommStock is involved in the management of personal farming operations. We understand farming. You are not reading the market recommendations from someone in a "glass house" in Chicago or New York that is practicing agriculture remotely. We live it every day….we know agriculture!
  • The CommStock Report is priced at a level that makes sense to today's producer…less than a dollar/day!

Futures Trading Involves Risk
The risk of loss in trading futures and/or Options is substantial
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