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Agrivantage is Commstock Investment’s professional crop insurance company.  Mother Nature is unpredictable but securing your financial future doesn’t have to be.  Take your crop insurance to the next level by linking it with marketing analysis, advice, and crop insurance sold by licensed and certified professionals underneath the Commstock umbrella.

Crop Insurance

Buying crop insurance is just one risk management option. But finding the right crop insurance policy for you can be confusing. We offer several policies to provide varying degrees of protection. The risk management specialists at AgriVantage can guide you in choosing the right policy that fits your marketing plan.

 Multi-Peril Crop Insurance Products

  • Revenue Protection (RP) A multi-peril crop insurance product that is based on the Board of Trade prices and provides protection against production loss by low prices, low yields, or a combination of both. The insurance protection price is the greater of the projected price (Spring) and the Harvest price.
  • Revenue Protection with Harvest Price Exclusion (RPHPE) A multi-peril crop insurance product that is the same as the Revenue Protection (RP) product except the insurance price is based on the projected (Spring) price only.
  • Yield Protection (YP) A multi-peril crop insurance product that provides protection against a loss due to nearly all natural disasters. This plan guarantees a yield based on an individual producer’s actual production history (APH)

Crop Hail Insurance Products

AgriVantage writes policies with Farmers Mutual Hail, Heartland, Hudson, and QBE NAU. Making the transition to our company a breeze. We tailor our policies to meet the needs of our clients. Here’s some of the options available:

  • Full Coverage Policies A policy that gives the insured a payment that equals the percent of loss multiplied by the insured value per acre.
  • Deductible Policies A policy that does not issue payments until the loss exceeds a set percentage.
  • Companion Policies A policy that requires the loss to exceed a set percentage. Once the loss exceeds the set percentage, then that percent is subtracted from the loss and multiplied by a factor of 2, 2.5, or 3, depending on the policy type.
  • Production Plan A policy that pays based on the percent of damage a crop sustains and takes into account total harvested production. Final loss calculation is after final production is known.

Marketing Services

Crop insurance is just another input cost unless you use your guaranteed bushels in a risk management marketing program.

Our crop insurance clients meet one-on-one with Rodney Petersen, Certified Risk Management Specialist, to devise a marketing plan. The plan includes cost of production, guaranteed crop insurance bushels, cash markets, and futures and options strategies. With this information, a marketing plan is set up for the desired rate of return. The desired rate of return is calculated from a spreadsheet we have developed which is an important tool in developing marketing plans. Long term historical cash averages and futures charts are other tools used in our risk management strategy.

Agrivantage works with Grainbridge to provide cutting-edge software solutions that provide the agribusiness and their producers a convenient and comprehensive way to organize and manage production agriculture. It is designed to be a user-friendly platform for managing risk and enhancing profitability on any size or type of operation by helping the producer understand their cost of production.  Take advantage of this one-of-a-kind software to set yourself apart in the marketplace.  You can distinguish your business by making better, more informed decisions that will help you manage risk and become a better marketer. Contact AgriVantage for your Grainbridge login.

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