Managed Bushels

Market Focus Managed Pricing Programs

  • Expertise – Our team of experts has managed millions of bushels in sales for farmers and elevators across the Midwest.  We keep our focus on the market to identify sales and hedging opportunities that fit your specific plan.
  • Execution – Market Focus managed programs assist with execution of the recommendations so that identified sales and hedging opportunities will not be missed.  This allows you the ability to grow it while we help you maximize its value.
  • Diversification – Market Focus managed programs may help diversify your marketing plan through use of various contracting alternatives, including cash grain contracts, futures, options, and other hedging products.
  • Transparency – You stay informed on decisions made in the program, with information and education on strategies utilized, while tracking progress and performance along the way.

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What does it take to be a qualified participant in Market Focus?

Strong Financial Standing

  • Not needing to sell these bushels for targeted cash flow commitments.
  • Banker who is aware of the potential for margin call needs for your managed bushel (if you would like us to explain this program to your lender, we are happy to do so).
  • Knowledge that the outcome of our marketing program should not stress your buoyancy as a business.

Checklist for Potential Clients:

  • Do you have a strong understanding of the futures/options market?
  • Do you understand the potential for loss within these markets?
  • Do you need these bushels sold prior to final trading date for cash flow purposes on your farm?
  • Are you willing to commit yourself, and us, the intention of giving this program time to work for you to show you the most complete picture of our overall performance?