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Pro-Crop Farm Management is Commstock Investment’s complete and professional farm management service for landowners and land investors alike.

Pro Crop takes a value added approach at helping landowners determine their long-term goals.  We believe that communication is key as we develop a comprehensive operating plan that will make our clients successful. This farm plan should be in sync with the goals and objectives outlined by the client. Once the initial farm analysis is completed, then we select which farm management service best fits your needs.

Full Farm Management

  • Analyze lease options and recommend a specific type. Pro-Crop will administer a written lease each year for your security.
  • Keep you informed of your farm’s condition and inventory through complete reports of visits.
  • Work with current operator, or secure a new, local farm operator if necessary.
  • Recommend government programs, including crop insurance that you may need to participate in and handle paperwork to keep you in compliance.
  • Provide support in handling all special projects such as tiling or other land and building improvements.
  • Present an annual farm plan and budget for your approval to control expenses.
  • Approve, pay, and collect all income. Provide monthly accounting statements and year-end reports for accounting purposes.

Limited Farm Management

  • Allows client to maintain full control of farm operations.
  • Client still negotiates their own leases and handles all their income and expenses.
  • This may be a lower cost approach for the land-owner and may provide a friendlier working relationship with the farm operators.
  • ProCrop provides an annual review with a complete analysis of income and expenses. This includes government programs, lease terms, soil and water quality, building and land improvement recommendations and an operator assessment.

Real Estate

Pro-Crop is prepared to work with you with your real estate needs.  Sam Harper is a licensed real estate broker in Iowa.  As a Realtor, Sam is ready to buy, sell, or exchange real estate property of all types including residential, commercial, and land.  Sam and Pro-Crop have the same professional approach to real estate as they do the other aspects of the farm management business.


Pro-Crop is proud of consistently setting new yield records through our agronomic consulting program.  We refer to this as the “Sam Effect”.  While trend line yields have grown in the Midwest the last several years, the “Sam Effect” has consistently surpassed those same trend line yields.  This is done through extensive soil samples and fertility adjustments, and selecting the best seeds that are the right match for your soils.  We also utilize NDVI (Normalized Difference Vegetation Index) enhanced imagery to quickly allow you to identify the plant health of your crop to make in-season decisions on fertility, pest pressure, and other timely observations.  Contact Pro-Crop to see how you can experience the “Sam Effect” on your farm.

Sam Harper of Pro-Crop, LLC

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